The Academy is a member-driven organization. Members of the Academy, serving on the Board of Directors and on committees advising the Board, make decisions regarding programs and activities that guide the work of the Academy and set the future for the organization. All members are invited to take part in the governance process. We encourage interested members who are new to association or board processes to volunteer first to serve on a committee or to assist with a short-term project, with an eye toward future long-term and leadership positions. However, all are welcome regardless of experience level!

AAMA Board of Directors

The AAMA Board of Directors is a working volunteer board, currently comprised of 4 officers, 7 at-large members and the immediate past president. The Board meets monthly via Zoom and typically meets two times in person, once at the Annual Symposium and once for a one-day dedicated Board retreat.

  • Elected officers are president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.
  • Board terms are two years.
  • Elections occur annually in March.
  • Nominations (of self and others) should be submitted early in the year to be eligible for the election later in March.

AAMA Standing Committees

  • CME Committee: To develop policies and procedures to assure that the educational activities of the Academy are developed and offered in a manner consistent with the requirements of the ACCME. Learn more.
  • Education Committee: To develop and offer quality postgraduate seminars and workshops to meet the identified educational needs of members. Learn more.
  • Legislative Committee: To monitor developing and pending policies and legislation and advocate accordingly to support the safe and effective practice of medical acupuncture by physicians; to protect physician rights as related to the practice of medical acupuncture; to inform decision- and policy-makers in government, health care administration, medical education and other related institutions of the benefits of medical acupuncture. Learn more.
  • Membership Committee: To develop and oversee a membership recruitment and membership retention program to attract and maintain the greatest possible number of members. Learn more.
  • Review Course Committee: To develop and offer a survey course to review in summary form the material reflected in the medical acupuncture core curriculum as an aid for those physicians wishing to revisit previously learned material and for those physicians reviewing material in preparation for the Board Certification Examination. Learn more.
  • Symposium Program Committee: To assess member educational needs, develop a Symposium educational event to address those needs, assess the extent to which those needs are met and contribute to the educational mission of the Academy. Learn more.