Committee Purpose:

To develop and offer quality postgraduate seminars and workshops to meet the identified educational needs of members.

Committee Membership:

The Committee shall consist of at least 5, but no more than 11 Academy members appointed by the President. One shall serve as Chairman and shall direct the activities of the committee in meeting its purposes.

Committee Leadership:

Lisa Benson, MD, FAAMA, Chair

Scope of Work

Ongoing Goals

  • Develop a program of periodic workshops and seminars to be offered throughout the year to address members learning needs.
  • Identify topics and appropriate subject matter for a program of continuing education courses.
  • Recruit a faculty knowledgeable in the subject matter and skilled as teachers to serve as faculty for the courses to be offered.
  • Comply with the requirements of the ACCME in the development and implementation of the program to assure that the program is based on meeting member learning needs and is of the highest quality.

Immediate Goals

  • Schedule three or four new subject offerings each year, and offer on an ongoing basis the equivalent of a course or session 12 times per year.
  • Conduct a survey as to member educational needs to determine priorities for the development of new course offerings.

Guidelines and Policies

  • The Chairman shall submit written status reports for all meetings of the Board of Directors. The Chairman shall submit annual funding requests to the Budget committee.
  • New topic areas should be identified on an on-going basis to assure an adequate pool of available topics.

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