The Allen McDaniels Grant - Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation

In 2019, AAMA proudly announced the creation of the prestigious Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation (MARF) Pilot Grant. The grant was renamed to honor one of the Academy’s founding fathers, Dr. Allen McDaniels. We encourage all members who are engaged in clinical research to apply for the Allen McDaniels Grant – Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation.

The foundation is encouraging applicants to submit only pragmatic clinical trial proposals rather than placebo comparison trials. We will award up to 1 grant each grant cycle to the qualified applicant for an amount up to $30,000.

See below for submission details.

Apply for the Allen McDaniels Grant - Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation

Next Submission Cycle – TBD

Grant Application Policies

  • Available to current AAMA Members
  • Applicants must submit all information outlined and required in the grant application and submit by stated application deadline.
  • The award timeline for funded projects is one year with funding up to $30,000 and outlined in the application budget.
  • Funds awarded are made payable to the principal investigator and his/her institution. Unused funds must be returned to the Foundation within 60 days of completing the grant.
  • The Foundation does not support indirect costs to a recipient’s institution. All funds must be spent in support of the proposed investigation and within the funding period of the grant.
  • Once grant award notification is sent, grant recipient must provide the following before funding can initiate –
    • IRB approval documentation
    • Local institutional support letter from the research office and/or your department chairperson (this is not necessary if you run a private acupuncture practice with no departmental oversight)
    • IRB approved consent form
    • Link to registration with
    • Prospective start date
      • Prospective recruitment dates
      • Prospective 50% recruitment
  • The first half of the award will be administered upon completion of above terms. The balance will be provided when 50% of the study recruitment is achieved. A request from the grant recipient should be sent with documentation of the 50% recruitment mark in order to release the balance of the funds.
  • MARF must be notified immediately if research is not feasible with amount granted and funds must be returned.
  • Two progress reports are required to be submitted:
    • Six Month Progress Report
    • Final Project Summary
  • Grants are funded one year at a time. A no-cost extension can be submitted for a period of 1 year with the explanation for the delay, prospective recruitment completion date, study completion date and addressing the barriers for the study completion.

Questions? Please contact us by phone, 310-379-8261 or by email,