As the need arises, the AAMA Board of Directors drafts and issues policy statements and position papers relating to the practice of medical acupuncture.  Such documents go through a thorough review process and are shared with legislators and health care policymakers, with AAMA members and colleagues, and with the general public, when appropriate.

If there is a pressing issue you believe the AAMA Board should consider for a future policy statement or position paper, please send us an email.

The following policies and positions have been approved by the AAMA.

wrist acupuncture

The AAMA Board of Directors has approved the following position statements, papers and/or policies:

Regarding the Academy’s mission and the development of medical acupuncture and its integration with conventional treatment:

Regarding the practice of Dry Needling by non-physicians and non-LAcs (updated January 2022):

Regarding acupuncture’s evidence-based approach to the management of chronic back pain: