The medical practice of acupuncture has a long history spanning both time and national boundaries, building in the refinement of accumulated knowledge. As members of the AAMA, we are recipients of this heritage of health and healing. We recognize that we occupy a singular position in the delivery of health care in our society.

As physicians integrating medical acupuncture into conventional biomedicine, we recognize our responsibility to offer the highest standards of both medical disciplines.

Given the unique practice of medical acupuncture, we are often the only providers of nontraditional medications and devices. To that end it is incumbent upon us to respect the laws of the states in which we practice and the ethics of the professional societies to which we belong regarding the sale of products and services.

Therefore, we set forth these affirmations of ethical practice and conduct:

  • As Physician Acupuncturists, we shall be dedicated to providing the best of acupuncture and Western medicine to all patients.
  • As Physician Acupuncturists, we shall promote a healing relationship with respect and compassion for the rights and needs or our patients.
  • As Physician Acupuncturists, we shall promote education and awareness of acupuncture among our colleagues, other health professionals and patients.
  • As Physician Acupuncturists, we shall promote continuing education, research and the advancement of the scientific foundation of acupuncture.
  • As Physician Acupuncturists, we will honor and respect the code of ethics of other professional organizations to which we belong and the laws of the state(s) and country in which we practice.

Code of ethics adopted by the AAMA Board of Directors, March 21, 2001.