The AAMA Values Its Members

Whether you’re a brand new member of the AAMA or you’ve recently decided to join the ranks of your fellow physician acupuncturists as an active member of this growing organization, we’re glad you’re here! As the health care landscape continues to change and acupuncture assumes an ever greater role alongside the practice of modern medicine, your membership and unique contributions to the AAMA are needed more than ever.

Please review the many benefits enjoyed by AAMA members so you’ll be able to take full advantage as a newcomer — or as a longtime member.

AAMA Membership Benefits

AAMA members have access to educational programs and services specifically designed to strengthen and improve their acupuncture knowledge and skills. The AAMA also works to promote the field of medical acupuncture and advocates for physician acupuncturists rights at state and national levels.

  • Annual Scientific Symposium

    This three-day event is recognized as the definitive annual scientific and clinical conference for physician acupuncturists in North America. The program is CME approved.

  • Patient Referral Service

    The Academy offers a complete, state-by-state referral list online for patients seeking medical acupuncturists. See “Find an Acupuncturist.” Link Participation is open only to Fellows and Full members of the AAMA. Referrals via the internet have been on a steady rise. Typically, 1,000-1,200 requests are fulfilled each month on the Academy’s website.

  • AAMA Newsletters

    An in-depth monthly member newsletter provides current news and information regarding legislative, regulatory and practice developments in acupuncture, as well as the latest research headlines and information about upcoming CME and professional development opportunities. Short topical emails alert members on a bi-weekly basis about exclusive benefits and time-sensitive announcements.

  • Medical Acupuncture journal

    The official journal of the Academy, Medical Acupuncture, is published six times a year. All members receive the Journal and have free access online through the “Members Only” section of the AAMA website. Many issues include articles that are eligible for CME credits — offered at no charge to AAMA members.

  • Continuing Education: Clinical Workshops and Webinars

    Live workshops and webinars focus on various clinical and practice management topics. Past sessions are accessible on-demand on the Academy website. Most live and on-demand programs are CME approved. The Academy also offers an annual virtual Acupuncture Review Course with live Q&A sessions to help physicians preparing for the Board Certification examination.

  • Patient Education Information Brochures

    These brochures are excellent resources to stock in patient waiting rooms and exam rooms:

    • “Doctor, What’s This Acupuncture All About?” – An introduction for patients new to acupuncture. ($)
    • “Medical Acupuncture: A Promising Solution to the Opioid Crisis” – An overview of acupuncture’s efficacy as a pain relieving therapy. (Free)
  • Working to Protect Physician Practice Rights

    The Academy monitors developments in Congress, state legislatures and federal government agencies to help ensure that members’ practice rights are protected.

  • Board Certification in Medical Acupuncture

    The AAMA helped create an independent American Board of Medical Acupuncture (ABMA) to offer Board Certification in Medical Acupuncture. The ABMA has developed and administers a written examination for physicians practicing acupuncture. Physicians who have passed the exam and have the necessary formal education and clinical experience are recognized as Diplomates of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture (DABMA).

  • Social Media

    There is a private Facebook group for AAMA members to provide a closed forum where physician acupuncturists can ask one another for advice, share their successes, and network with each other professionally and socially.

  • Acupuncture for Medical Providers Presentation

    The AAMA created a presentation to be used as an introduction to medical acupuncture for health care professionals. It provides information about mechanisms of action, treatable conditions, adverse effects, and reasons to consider acupuncture treatments for patients.

AAMA Membership Categories

Full Members

To qualify for Full membership, a person must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be an active, licensed MD, DO, DPM or DDS in the United States or Canada
  • Be engaged in the practice of medical acupuncture
  • Have completed a minimum of 220 hours of formal training in Medical Acupuncture (120 hours didactic, 100 hours clinical), or the equivalent, in an educational program acceptable to the Membership Committee

Active Duty Military Medical Personnel

This category of membership offers Full membership at a discounted dues level for Active Duty Military personnel with at least 220 hours of formal acupuncture training. MDs, DOs, DPMs and DDSs who are currently serving on Active Duty with the U.S. military who meet the acupuncture education requirements are eligible. Services and benefits for Active Duty Military members will be equivalent to that of the Full member described above.

Affiliate Membership

This category is available to physicians and allied health professionals with an interest in medical acupuncture who may or may not qualify for Full membership. Affiliate members receive modest discounts in workshop and conference fees but are not eligible for online discounts for books, tapes and other products. Affiliate members have access to the “Members Only” area of the Academy website for on-line access to the Journal, research reports and peer discussions. Affiliate members are not eligible to participate in the Academy’s Patient Referral Program. Affiliate membership is available to the following practitioners:

  • Physicians (MDs, DOs), dentists, and podiatrists licensed in the U.S. or Canada who have an interest in medical acupuncture
  • Veterinarians (DVM, VMD) licensed in the U.S. or Canada who have an interest in medical acupuncture
  • Physicians (MDs, DOs) trained and licensed in other countries but practicing in the U.S. or Canada as licensed acupuncturists
  • Physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists with appropriate medical acupuncture training who are (1) active duty military, (2) practicing in VA or DOD facilities and institutions or (3) licensed to practice acupuncture in their state
  • Persons with a graduate research degree (PhD or EdD) with an interest in medical acupuncture

International Affiliate Membership

International Affiliate membership is available for physicians, dentists, podiatrists and veterinarians with an interest in acupuncture who are practicing in countries outside the U.S. and Canada. International Affiliate members have the same member benefits as the domestic Affiliate members. No special acupuncture training or experience requirements need be met. Where the qualifications for Full membership are met, medical acupuncturists practicing outside the U.S. and Canada may be included in the Academy’s Patient Referral Program, though they will remain Affiliate members.

Student/Resident Membership

Student member category is available to full-time fellows, residents and medical students enrolled in a recognized medical training program who have an interest in medical acupuncture and the programs of the Academy. No special acupuncture training or experience is required, however, verification of student status at an appropriate institution is required. Student members have the same benefits of membership as Affiliate members with online access to the journal and peer discussions.

Medical students applying for this membership category may request sponsorship to defray the cost of dues. Use this special Application for Student/Resident Membership category.

Inactive or Retired Member

Any Full or Fellow member who is no longer active in the practice of medicine, is retired, disabled or for other reasons may request inactive membership status. At any time, Inactive Members may request to be reinstated to their previous membership category, provided however, that all requirements and standards required of that category of membership are met. Contact if you are currently a Full or Fellow member who wishes to change to this category of membership.