SAR 2021 Virtual Research Conference

SAR’s 2021 conference was organized around the theme of Roles and Relevance of Traditional East Asian Medicine as it relates to our current world environment.  To our knowledge, this conference

Medical Acupuncture for Physicians (Clinical Two)

Medical Acupuncture for Physicians - 300-Hour Course Instructors: Joseph Helms, MD and HMI faculty Medical Acupuncture for Physicians is a comprehensive program that teaches acupuncture applications for both primary care and

Basic and Advanced Auricular Therapy Seminar

Soliman 15245 Shady Grove Road, Suite 390 (South Tower), Rockville, MD

Presented by: Nader Soliman, MD This seminar will introduce practitioners to the fundamental basics of auricular therapy 3 phases of Nogier 7 frequencies of treatment

The Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Program

Newly revised format - The Program is a one year, part-time comprehensive training for licensed acupuncturists, physicians, and students of Asian Medicine. Read what graduates say at the bottom of this