Acupuncture for Cancer

Acupuncture for Cancer Symptoms & Side Effects

A growing base of scientific evidence supports the use of acupuncture as a complementary treatment for cancer patients. Alongside prescribed medications, acupuncture has shown promise in reducing pain and other side effects from cancer and cancer treatments. Please read more about the benefits of acupuncture for cancer patients in the articles we’ve gathered below.


Scientific Studies and Articles Supporting Acupuncture for Cancer

Acupuncture in Cancer Treatment: “Can Acupuncture Help Me?” — from the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Read article. 

Evidence Grows for Acupuncture Treatment in Cancer Survivors — from Clinical Oncology News. Read article.

Effectiveness of Electroacupuncture or Auricular Acupuncture vs Usual Care for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Among Cancer Survivors — from JAMA Oncology. Read article.

Acupuncture for Cancer Pain and Symptom Management in a Palliative Medicine Clinic — from the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Read article.

Acupuncture for Easing the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment: VIDEO — from Memorial Sloan Kettering. Watch VIDEO. 

Outpatient Acupuncture Effects on Patient Self-reported Symptoms in Oncology Care — from the Journal of Cancer. Read the article. 

Understanding the Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment for Cancer Pain Management — from the Oncology Journal. Read the article. 

Acupuncture Reduces Two Types of Cancer Pain — from Medscape. Read the article.


The role of acupuncture in the curative group is in its adjunctive use in anesthesia, in post-operative pain control, and in aiding and hastening recovery from the side effects of the various therapies. Acupuncture is effective for control of pain, of local swelling post-operatively, for shortening the resolution of hematoma and tissue swelling and for minimizing use of medications and their attendant side effects. Energetic acupuncture, an approach consisting of the use of needles with electricity and moxibustion (a form of local heating with herbs imparts a sense of well being and accelerates patients’ recovery. In conjunction with nutritional support, its use is routinely employed in some cancer institutions. — from Acupuncture in Cancer Treatment by Eugene May, MD 


Scientific Studies Supporting Acupuncture for Cancer-related Insomnia

Understanding the Use of Acupuncture for Insomnia Among Cancer Survivors — from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Read the article. 


Special Considerations for Breast Cancer

Acupuncture May Reduce Treatment-Related Joint Pain for Breast Cancer Patients — from the National Institutes of Health. Read the article. 

Can Acupuncture Keep Women on Their Breast Cancer Drugs? — from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Read the article. 

Can Acupuncture Improve Sleep for Breast Cancer Survivors with Hot Flashes? — from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Read the article. 

Acupuncture May Reduce Treatment-related Joint Pain for Breast Cancer Patients  — from the National Cancer Institute. Read the article.

Here’s a Promising Way to Treat Pain in Breast Cancer Treatment — from TIME magazine. Read the article. 

Acupuncture May Ease Pain from Breast Cancer Care — from WebMD. Read the article. 

Effects of Acupuncture on Breast Cancer-related Lymphedema — from Acupuncture in Medicine. Read the article.