AAMA Member Spotlight: Alan Remde, MD

Dr. Alan Remde  serves as one of the core faculty, as well as director of the curriculum and research, for the Warren Family Medicine residency at St. Luke’s University Health Network in New Jersey. His research interests focus on integrative approaches to chronic pain, nutrition and musculoskeletal medicine, with a special focus on integrative family and sports medicine.

We asked Dr. Remde 7 questions about his practice of medical acupuncture. Read on!

What do you love most about your profession and the practice of Medical Acupuncture?
Medical Acupuncture has been a great addition to my ‘clinical toolbox’, especially in treating chronic pain syndromes such as low back pain, pelvic pain, osteoarthritis and headaches.

What part of being an AAMA member do you value most?
AAMA is a great resource, and I value the camaraderie and teaching in their courses.

Tell us something about you that not many people know: a fun fact or a favorite hobby.
I study meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Kung. I also have a ‘Farmette’ (very big garden or little farm), in which I enjoy a Permaculture approach to food production.

What brings your life meaning and joy?
I enjoy connecting to others with shared interests.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the field of Medical Acupuncture?
Keep studying and practicing — you will get better over time. Be careful and honest about your clinical observations and do the best you can for each patient. Take further courses, e.g., from the AAMA, to continue developing your understanding.

Describe one impact you’ve had on the AAMA or on a fellow AAMA member.
I do try to ask good questions and bring in my Integrative medicine perspective. Also help more junior colleagues and honor my senior colleagues for their contributions.

Do you have any additional comments about the practice and promise of Medical Acupuncture or about the AAMA itself?
The AAMA is a great organization. Go to their annual conferences and their CME programs.

We’d love to feature you and your practice, too.
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Alan Remde, MD
Philipsburg, NJ
AAMA Member Since 2020